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Anwaar Group deals in different types of commodities covering

  • Base Metals
  • Steel Products
  • Agricultural Products

Base Metals

Anwaar Group is engaged in commodities’ trading of Primary Metals. Commodities trading have become a
highly volatile trade with prices no longer depending on demand and supply but also on hedge funds speculation, currency market and sudden events happening at anytime and anywhere in the world. We have agents, affiliates, suppliers and customers around the globe. Our efficient and responsive service enables us to provide the highest standard of service in the market while preserving our client’s anonymity, and keeping their business confidential.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships by developing a complete understanding of each of our client’s unique requirements, and providing highly responsive service tailored to their specific needs. Our network of international business relationships translate into real benefits for our clients. We trade in all metals (Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, etc.) in whatever form & shape they are available with a focus on:

Copper (Copper Mulberry, Copper Cathode, Copper Granular, Shredded Copper, Copper Wire & Cables
and Copper Scrap of other kinds) 

Aluminum (Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum ingots and Aluminum in any other form

Steel Products

Our strategy is to work with steel producers, or their affiliated sale channels, and sell to end
users, distributors, service centers and stockists. We wish to maintain very low overheads and to compete
through good financing, flexibility and fast service. We act as a trading intermediary between producers and
purchasers and provide a range of value-added services.

For producers of steel: Anwaar Group offers cost-effective marketing, logistical and related services to
secure customer business in overseas markets.

For purchasers of steel: Anwaar Group offers a reliable and flexible sourcing channel with all support.

Our vast geographical presence ensures that we can react quickly to dynamic shifts in the international steel
market. We are not tied to a particular market or a particular trade flow. We survive by being quick and flexible
and taking advantage of market shifts.

Main Products We Deal In Are:

  • Heavy Melting Steel (HSM1, HSM2)
  • Used Rails
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel billets
  • Reinforcing Bar
  • Merchant Bar
  • Steel Pipes
  • Heavy or structural sections
  • Wire Products
  • Hot Rolled Coils

Agricultural Products

Anwaar Group deals in the trading of agricultural products in Pakistan and worldwide. Pakistan is an agricultural country and exports a lot of agricultural products like Rice, Pulses, Maize, Wheat, etc. With our strong
network and access to the growers and mill owners, we can provide quality products at competitive rates.

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