A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step. Thus spoke a wise philosopher. He captured the essence of how great things have humble beginnings.
At Anwaar Group, we never forget where we came from and therefore, our vision for the future stays clear. From modest beginnings 19 years ago, to today when our business spans Pakistan and the Gulf, we stand at the point where we can form global aspirations. Today, there are multiple companies under the Anwaar Group umbrella, a testament to the skills and leadership acumen of Mr. Anwaar Awan.

Bearing in mind the values and principles on which we grew up and which we established our great family, the family of Anwaar Trading Group with each of its members, investing in human development is the cornerstone of business success and continuity, and our view of success is related to measuring the satisfaction of our customers and meeting
their aspirations and needs, and we are still striving to improve our performance as we go on.We realize our success depends on our most precious material: our human resource. For a company is only as good as the people who run it. We acquire the best manpower and then train them within the company ethos of quality service.

We pray to God Almighty that our group will continue its path and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and the promotion of development for our children and our future society. In the end, I can only say that we have a clear determination to build a better future.
For the clients who are with us today, and to the clients who may join us tomorrow, I welcome you to the future.

Company Group Directors