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Recycling and Manufacturing

Anwaar Group recycles and manufactures different products which include


Anwaar Group is engaged in the collection, recycling and trading of different types of plastics. We collect from
different sources and supply various types of plastics to traders, plastic product manufacturers and polyester
producers. Our recycling activities are carried out in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia. We mainly focus on
Post-Consumer PET Scrap i.e. different types of bottles etc

Metal Recycling

We recover and recycle different metals and metal scrap using both machine and manual labour. Recycling of
metal scrap consists of various steps, including collection, inspection, grading, sorting, stripping,
shearing, cutting, shredding and baling. The precise steps involved depend on the type and condition of the

We collect scrap from:

Household Appliances | Construction Industry | Manufacturing Industry
Oil and Gas Industry | Scrap dealers

We supply scrap in the international market:

Steel Mills | Steel Traders


Anwaar Group is studying to have plastic and metal manufacturing facilities in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
A detailed feasibility study is in progress for the project.